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AGT Parquet Flooring in Dubai

Among the most common types of flooring are parquet and laminate. They appear to be similar in many aspects, notably in appearance: At first sight, it's nearly hard to tell the difference between high-quality laminate flooring with a wooden appearance and parquet flooring.

AGT parquet flooring in Dubai is a popular choice for formal settings such as living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers since it is one of the most beautiful and attractive flooring alternatives available. Parquet flooring has recently made a resurgence, thanks in part to improved manufacturing processes that provide consumers with a larger selection of wood species and designs. Parquet flooring was once the domain of rich families and public buildings due to the talent and time required.

The warm appeal of real wood flooring, easy DIY installation without the need for nailing, and a plethora of complex patterns certainly make AGT parquet flooring in Dubai an absolute must-have in most of your home and office areas. Although the beautiful accuracy and visual attractiveness of parquet flooring are advantageous in certain formal settings, the geometric patterns of parquet, might be way too complex for kitchens and bathrooms, which are often tiny and already have a lot going on visually. This extremely ornamental carpeting may also overpower modest areas in bedrooms, giving them a congested appearance. They are also not suitable for high humidity areas like the area near the bathroom, basement, or laundry room.

AGT Laminate Flooring in Dubai

Laminate flooring is still subjected to a tremendous amount of unjust prejudice. To begin with, laminate flooring is not constructed of plastic, which means it is not 'artificial flooring' like vinyl. In truth, laminate flooring is constructed entirely of natural elements, specifically wood, (decor) paper, and resin. This signifies that it is a natural, long-lasting flooring, similar to parquet.

AGT laminate flooring in Dubai is available in a wide choice of wood decors and other styles; the options are nearly limitless, and we are constantly upgrading our product lines to keep up with the newest trends. These decorations are not only available in a wood-look, but also in imitations of many other materials, such as stone or tile.

They are made up of several layers. The middle layer is high-density fiberboard; the bottom layer is a stabilizing backer, and the top layer is decor paper impregnated with melamine resin. This resin is also responsible for the laminate flooring's durability and ease of maintenance. Because it is highly durable, the premium form of AGT laminate flooring in Dubai with additional scratch-resistant is probably the best choice for families with children and pets.