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Camsan Parquet Flooring

Camsan Parkelam is a floor decorating provider that provides parquet trends to its clients in addition to satisfying consumer expectations. It is Turkey's first laminate flooring maker.

With its excellent quality and dependable service, Camsan Parkelam exports Camsan parquet flooring to several countries across the globe including UAE. The versatile flooring company is one of Turkey's ISO 500 Large Industrial Organizations. Furthermore, Camsan Parkelam intends to play a more active role in the few European nations where it has domestic and international sales, as well as to contribute to the national economy. Parallel to these objectives, it is currently one of the most successful organisations in the field due to its quality and dependability.

The Camsan flooring that we provide as part of our large array of flooring options is perfectly suited for any space including large offices to even children's bedrooms. They are perfect for extreme weather conditions and are suitable for underfloor heating. Their resistance to scratch, impact, cigarette fire, furniture wheel abrasion, point strikes, stains & UV rays make them an excellent choice for your next flooring project.

Talk to our experts to understand how you can maximise the benefits of the amazing Camsan parquet flooring. They are manufactured to be environmentally friendly and perfectly safe for one and all. Cleaning and maintenance is a piece of cake owing to its durability and innate qualities. They maintain their dimensional stability through ages when installed properly.

Contact us today to know more about the available Camsan flooring choices that can beautify your abode.