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Kronopol Standard

Our Swiss Kronopol flooring is unique and is designed in a way to give your space an elegant look as flooring is considered as an extension of your personality. Swiss Kronopol flooring guarantees comfort and esthetic to your space be it your home, living area, or office for many long years. The reason why Swiss Kronopol flooring in Dubai is one of the most popular floor types among others is that it is highly economical, highly innovative, and also highly resistant to almost everything. At Fusion Floors, we offer floors made of water-resistant HDF panels for areas with increased moisture to protect your floor from floor rise and crowning. The high durability, resistance to dirt and temperature as well as easy cleaning and maintenance are the basic characteristics of the Swiss Kronopol flooring Dubai. What makes Kronopol flooring our top pick is it's UV and heat resistance technology in the wear layer. Combining modern technology with high-quality raw materials and highly professional personnel, Fusion Floors guarantees premium quality Swiss Kronopol flooring in Dubai. We have almost 10 varieties of Kronopol standard flooring, 7 varieties of Kronopol Platinum range of flooring, and 5 varieties of Kronopol Platinum flooring of 10 mm in Dubai. The rich colors and varieties of the Swiss Kronopol floors provide unparalleled opportunities of modern or timeless, and classic interiors.