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Laminated Parquet Flooring

Laminated Parquet flooring has come to be viewed as one of widely used product around the globe in large part due its user-friendly installation, easy maintenance and various other benefits. Today a large number of users prefer laminate flooring over conventional types of hardwood flooring primarily due to the former’s wooden flooring aesthetics . What is undeniably true of laminate flooring is that it costs you considerably less than most other flooring materials. The highly durable and hygienic nature of the laminate flooring allows users to maintain the product in a relatively easy manner. Once installed on the surface, these laminate floors sits well on the sub-floor and eliminate sound and moisture related nuisance. It is highly recommended that there is a certain amount of gap between flooring and objects, thus removing any obstacle to the expansion of flooring. Top layer of laminate flooring comprise melamine that offers a great form of much-needed toughness against wear. The second layer of the laminate flooring contains décor paper which renders a subtly natural appearance of wood. The middle layer of the flooring is made using high density fireboard that ensures optimal strength to the plank. The bottom layer of the flooring is viewed as doing the balancing act as it prevents warping, and allows the plank to remain straight under all circumstances. Constructed through the use of sophisticated process, Laminate flooring is characterized by its high quality materials, unmatched strength and durability. Our vast collection of laminate flooring enables customers to choose appropriate design for their home and office. Fusion Floor is the dealer for world famous brand of Kronopol which is under Swiss Krono Group. We have another set of collection called Arrow Collection.