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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has been long known for natural material and high durability that testifies to the world class manufacturing services offered by fusion floor. The leading flooring providers have consistently delivered materials of world class quality at a reasonable price rate.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles
Luxury Vinyl Tiles have become one of the most widely used types of flooring, compared with any flooring materials. Vinyl flooring has its own unique aesthetic and technical advantages. LVT’s ease of installation and maintenance has made it a convenient and time-saving flooring solution for various projects. VirGin LVT has supreme Durability and is fully recyclable. Korean made VirGin tiles are environment friendly and does not require adhesive.


Advantages of VriGin LVT

  • No need of adhesive/underlay
  • Environment Friendly
  • Individual Glass Fiber Layer will provide supreme durability
  • Waterproof/Easy Clean
  • Fire/Slip/Oil/Stain Resistant
  • Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Antimicrobial technology.
  • Less noise for silent residential environment
  • VirGin premium LVT against wide temperate difference
  • Made In South Korea