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Raised Access floors

The raised access floor serves as the perfectly structured floor that sits above the solid ground and offers a concealed route for regular electrical processes. Raised floors have been widely well received across UAE, especially in Dubai as is evidenced by the manner in which modern office buildings, data centers, educational institutes and libraries adopt the concept. Raised access flooring can be installed at varying heights depending primarily on the specific requirements. The major benefits of using raised access floor system are that it offers easy access to wiring and cabling, thus allowing quick and easy configuration, low cost and energy efficiency. We supply and install the whole spectrum of solutions for the raised access floors in Dubai and all over the UAE.


Raised floors are commonly used in three different core materials and 3 different finishes.

Raised Floor materials

  • Cement Core
  • Wood Core
  • Calcium Sulphate Core

Surface Finishes

  • Bare Finish
  • HPL Finish( High Pressure Laminate)
  • Vinyl Top finish

Raised Access Flooring

Fusion Floors is a UAE based company specialized in procuring materials that suites even the minute specifications of the quality access flooring panels and raised Access Floor Systems.It double confirms our Raised Flooring panels and systems with the unique international quality that can compete any similar products in the Dubai market.The trust and the acceptance of the IT professionals and firms in Dubai and UAE to our raised access floor products and raised flooring panel used widely in computer rooms ,server rooms and data centres is the key factor behind our success.Whatever may be your requirement ,even a complicated if it is anything called Access floor system or anything related raised access floors in Dubai or any where in Uae,of course we are able to supply that with the way you wished.

Raised Flooring Specialist

Freedom is inevitable , especially in the workplace and we understand its value.We are very conscious that we work in an era where technology has a vital role .It evolves and influence all our daily works and routines.Fusion floors simply provides these freedom in your work space with our unique Floor Systems any where in UAE.It gives you the peace of mind because it allow you to use a system where space and location are not an issue,a unique system which cause a minimal interceptions to your business.Fusion floors is a company with an experienced team providing and supplying advanced Raised Access floor System and genuine Flooring system in Dubai and UAE.