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Wooden Flooring

Wood Core panels are using specified areas like IT rooms, Data centers and commercial areas. Wood core panels are antistatic in nature. FT antistatic wood core access panel is made high density chipboard. The top surface stuck with high pressure laminate ( HPL ) or conductive PVC. The bottom is covered with aluminium foil or galvanized steel sheet. Four edges are sealed with black PVC edge trim. The woodcore panel’s adaptability and light weight make it a brilliant alternative for retrofits when constructing. Notwithstanding its light weight, a solid load capacity makes it suitable for computer rooms and general office use. The The woody core panel is an affordable flooring solution. Fusion Floors Dubai is committed to provide quality raised access floors with friendly client service. Our products have gone through broad testing and a careful quality control certification program, all intended to guarantee that our clients get the most noteworthy quality items accessible.