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Barlinek flooring comprises three layers of actual wood placed in a contemporary cross-construction, rather than one. Layered floor structure guarantees the floor's stability and allows the forces of nature to be restrained. Its design makes it excellent for underfloor heating. It has numerous advantages, such as being 100% wood, being able to lay over underfloor heating, having a solid structure, and being quick and easy to install yourself. Barlinek wood flooring is an organic and noble product made from natural wood. Wooden flooring is both healthier and more durable than any synthetic substitute. They are delightfully warm to the touch, unlike laminates, and they do not electrify or attract dust or mites. As a result, they are an ideal remedy for allergy patients. They provide excellent soundproofing and manage the environment of the space due to their capacity to absorb dampness. Furthermore, the Barlinek timber flooring may be sanded and lacquered several times.

Not all wood floors can be installed over underfloor heating. However, due to its layered cross structure, Barlinek engineered wood flooring transmits heat well and may be used with both electric and water floor heating systems. It is one of the benefits it has over solid wood flooring. There are two techniques to install Barlinek wood flooring over floor heating. It can be installed as a floating system or glued to the subfloor. The moisture level of the natural wood varies depending on the weather. As a result, typical wood floors might expand, creak, or dry out, resulting in cracks. But not the hardwood Barlinek flooring! It is comprised of three layers of actual wood organised in a cross-construction, rather than just one. The cross structure decreases natural wood tension and compression, maintains a balance between the layers of the board, and so ensures the floor's stability even in changing weather conditions outside. So next time you are looking for Barlinek flooring Dubai, contact Fusion Floors and get the best flooring option in the country.